How else to get access to Pin-Up?

User can easily use other methods that provide access to the Pin-Up official website


In addition to the so-called mirrors, each user can easily use other methods that provide access to the Pin-Up official website, despite any attempts to block this Internet resource.

  • Tor browser. This is a fairly popular tool among betting enthusiasts that allows you to remain anonymous when you go to the bookmaker's website.
  • Applications for mobile devices and desktop computers. Surprisingly, the work of Betcity software is not blocked by government regulatory authorities.
  • Anonymizer programs. Such software allows you to mask the ip-address by substituting any selected value in its place.
  • VPN services. There are a lot of such programs, there are both paid and free versions.
    proxy server. The office offers to automatically configure the correct proxy. To do this, you need to follow a special link that can be found on Pin-Up social networks.
  • Plugins and extensions. In every popular browser, you can find many add-ons designed to make the user's activity anonymous and get uninterrupted access to Pin-Up

Of course, today there are many options for bypassing the blocking, the most optimal is to find a working Pin-Up mirror.

Frequently asked Questions

If I want to go to a Pin-Up mirror site, do I need to create a new account?
No, mirrors are a complete copy of the official site, and therefore all game accounts are duplicated.

Am I legal when playing on a .com site?
The only difference from the game at the registered Pin-Up bookmaker is that all tax liabilities are borne by the player. That is, the possible non-payment of taxes for bets is the fault of the user.

Why do mirror links keep changing?
The Pin-Up bookmaker has to constantly change the current links to mirrors. Therefore, we recommend subscribing to the social networks of the bookmaker - there you can always find fresh information about links to mirrors.

Where can I find a link to a Pin-Up mirror?
It can be provided by the technical support staff of the bookmaker. Links are also published on thematic information resources and Pin-Up social networks.